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T. P. Anh

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Hà Nội

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T. P. Anh

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Triều Khúc, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội

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06/2012 – 06/2013: English Teacher - English Facity, Hanoi University 

I started my job at English Faculty of Hanoi University in 2012 as an English teacher.

 In this job, I had a chance to further improve my communication skills by meeting and dealing with people from different backgrounds, as well as enhance my ability to present everything in the most understandable way

06/2013 – 11/2014: Assistant to General Director – Dai Viet group

Dai Viet group was, at the time, one of the giants in the Telecom industry, with more than 1000 staffs working in 11 branches all over Viet Nam. 

The company operates the No.1 property portal in Vietnam –

As an assistant to the GM, I covered a wide range of tasks in the company, including :

 In charge of creating and installing new features for the website (.NET). 

In this task, I worked directly with the head of the IT Department to come up with the final version of the features, and how to install the features in the most effective way. 

 In charge of designing and executing the development of the Application of (IOS and Android version - NATIVE). 

In this task, I lead a group of graphics desingers and app developers, coordiate them all from the beginning, to finally come up with the final version of the Batdongsan app (which you can now download on your phone and have a look at).

What I achieved: The App is being use by more than 80,000 property brokers all over Vietnam on a daily basis.

 In charge of designing and executing the development of the website (.NET)

At the time, besides, Dai Viet was thinking of enlarging its business to the car field. That’s when I started to design and work with the IT department to develop the website

What I achieved: The website is now the No.1 website in the field, and has its strong footprint not just in Vietnam, but in Thailand, Philippines, and India,  

 In charge of calling for foreign investment. During the time, batdongsan was calling for foreign investment, to strengthen itself as the No.1 in the field. My task was to do intensive research to approach big investment funds from overseas, at the same time, preparing various documents for the investment analysis, and joining step-by-step negotiations to finally get the fund. 

What I achieved : During my task, I successfully approach a giant fund in SEA, which in the end invested in batdongsan in 2017 and became a major shareholder after the investment. At the moment (from October, 2018), the fund has taken full ownership of the company.

 Assisting the GM in his every day job.

As an assistant to the GM, I assisted him in evert of his task in the company, including preparing a wide range of documents, meeting with his business partners, giving him ideas in negotiations, etc,. 

11/2014 – Now: Managing Director – KSC Tech & Edu KSC

 In November, 2014, I started working in KSC Technology and Education JSC as the Company Creator, Managing Director and Project Manager at the same time

KSC Tech & Edu JSC works in online teaching area, and is the creator and operator of the 2 websites:

 – an online English teaching program for students ages 3-14.

 – an online English teaching program for students grade 6-12, and above.

Together with the websites, English4u and Alokiddy have their own Applications on mobile devices. The 2 programs have now become ones among the Top 5 in the field and gained for them more than 2 million users.

As a project mananger and the company founder, I have been using my experience from my previous jobs, and doing a lot of researching, to meet up with the requirements of the job. 

In the job, I have:

 Set up the company from zero.

 Recruited key managers, builded and lead the whole team of different departments.

 Acted as the project manager of the two projects : English4u and Alokiddy, both the websites (.NET), the App (NATIVE), the software (DESTOP), and the text-books versions.

 Worked with competent authorities and make sure the company works in compliances with the laws. 

 Worked with relevant authority in provinces and introduce the programs (software, textbooks) into the province education sector.

 Worked with business partners and create sales (B2B and B2C)

 Acted as a Chief Marketing Officer ever since the products started to gain their market share.

 Acted as a Business Analyst and Business Strategy Manager to make sure the company makes profit.

What I have achieved: 

 As to company structure

+ More than 100 full time employees and 120 part-time teachers

+ A well-structured organization with 7 Departments: HR, Marketing, Content, IT, Accounting, Sales, Customer Service.

 As to the online field (Alokiddy and English4uwebsite and app version)

+ More than 2.5 million users of websites and apps

+ More than 150,000 visits per day for the website and app version

 As to the offline field (schooling – software and textbook version):

+ Introduction of the programs into schools in Lao Cai, Thanh Hoa, and Tuyen Quang province (Alokiddy and English4u)

+ Introduction of the programs into different language centers and organization, including SOS organization. (Alokiddy and English4u)


Học vấn và bằng cấp

Year 2008-2012 : Hanoi University, Bachelor Degree in English Teaching

I started my study in Hanoi University with English major. During the year, I focused not just in English teaching, English interpretation and translation, but in various skills for future work, such as: Planning, Time management, Problem solving, Team-work, Critical thinking, and Self-motivation. I graduated as the Top student of the faculty in 2012, and started working in the English Faculty of the university as an English teacher.

Year 2009-2013 : Hanoi University, Bachelor Degree in Finance and Banking 

I took the second major in Finance and Banking at Hanoi University in 2009. In this major, I had a chance to improve my English to the fullest, at the same time, got my good knowledge of finance and banking. 

I graduated in the Top 10 student of the Faculty in 2013, bringing with me the skills I think have assisted me a lot in my work later on.